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Higashiyama Nao

Higashiyama Nao (family name is Higashiyama, personal name is Nao) was an officer in the Imperial Showa Navy who helped turn the tide of the Battle of Yokosuka. Her actions caused her to become a hero on her homeworld and also gain recognition in the Stellar Commonwealth, and later, the Celestial Empire.

Early Life

Higashiyama Nao (東山 奈央) was born in Eikokou, on the continent of Nara, on May 18, 912. While young, Nao visited a shrine dedicated to the early colonists of Yokosuka. While her parents weren't particularly spiritual, their daughter found something intriguing in the ancient Shinto faiths. While never describing herself as religious for most of her life, she began a lifelong study of various belief systems that traveled to the colony from Old Earth.

Around 927, the Sanguine Scimitars began major raids on the outer worlds of the Yokosuka system.

Naval Career

Higashiyama enrolled at the Imperial Naval Academy in 930.

The Battle of Yokosuka

Later Career and Life

After the battle, Higashiyama was received as a hero. Following her recovery, she was offered a commission as a Vice Admiral in the Commonwealth Defense Fleet.


Higashiyama's daring charge against Hatanaka's battleships has gone down in the annals of naval history as an supreme example of bravery. On Higashiyama's 90th birthday, a 14-foot bronze statue of the former admiral in traditional shrine keeper garb was unveiled.