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Celestial Empire

The Celestial Empire is the reigning polity in the settled galaxy. Founded in 7181 from the militarized Stellar Commonwealth


The Celestial Empire has morphed over its decades with a trend toward centralization and consolidation of power. From the failed Commonwealth, it inherited the Diet--quickly renamed the Celestial Parliament--a wartime economy, and a military stripped of psionic specialists and leadership who pledged loyalty to a set of ideals instead of the state. With the dissolution of Parliament by Celestial Decree in 7215, administrative functions fell onto military governors.


The Empire is ruled by His Celestial and Imperial Majesty. The Emperor is advised by a group of long-time political confidantes, who form a loosely-codified advisory body. However, despite their informal status, their authority is quite real: all major organs of the Celestial Empire's bureaucracy and political apparatus must pass through these gatekeepers to the Emperor. Perhaps the sole exception is are the absolute highest officers of the Army and Navy, and the legion commanders of the Cataphracts, who as a rule report solely to His Celestial and Imperial Majesty. The governor of the capital of Glorimit, or the governor-general in charge of the sector, or even the regional governors of the priority sectors must still consult with the advisors. This has lead to a web of political connections entangling advisors and senior territorial officials.

Unknown to those involved, this is encouraged by the Emperor. Especially in the wake of the post-Joppa strife, bureaucrats and governors fighting each other will not be able to turn against the throne.


The military forces of the Celestial Empire are divided into the Celestial Army, the Celestial Navy, the Cataphract Legions, and the Celestial Customs Service. These are outgrowths of the Grand Army of the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth Defense Fleet, and the Commonwealth Revenue Service, while the Cataphracts were formed from elite assault units in the Grand Army.

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