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Battle of Yokosuka

The Battle of Yokosuka was an engagement in 961 in the Yokosuka system between forces loyal to the Showa Ascendancy and the Stellar Commonwealth against mercenaries hired by anti-monarchist elements opposed to the Ascendancy's overtures with the Commonwealth. The battle saw an end to the mercenary activity in the system and the Ascendancy's assimilation into the Commonwealth.


See: Showa Ascendancy


Order of Battle

Imperial Showa Navy

First Fleet (Vice Admiral Todoroki Suguru)

  • First Battleship Squadron (Rear Admiral Kagayama Souma)
    • First Battleship Division
      • THU Yokosuka
      • THU Nagano
      • THU Ibaraki
      • THU Iwate
    • Second Battleship Division (Commodore Miyauchi Heihachirou)
      • THU Chiba
      • THU Kagawa
      • THU Nara
      • THU Shimane
  • First Battlecruiser Division (Commodore Higashiyama Nao)
    • THU Kongou
    • THU Hiei
    • THU Kirishima
    • THU Haruna
  • First Heavy Cruiser Squadron (Commodore Yazawa Takako)
    • THU Atago
    • THU Takao
    • THU Shinfuji
    • THU Tennouzan
    • THU Ooeyama
    • THU Akagiyama
    • THU Kagayama
    • THU Tsukuba
  • Second Heavy Cruiser Squadron (Commodore Shirafuji Kenji)
  • First Destroyer Flotilla (Commodore Koshigaya Jungorou)
  • First Frigate Flotilla (Junior Commodore Isuzu Jiro)
  • Second Frigate Flotilla (Fleet Captain Fujimori Renge)

Commonwealth Defense Fleet

Twenty-third Expeditionary Force (Rear Admiral Mikhail Arkadiovich di Vecchio)

  • Forty-Seventh Heavy Cruiser Division
    • CNS Laurel
    • CNS Dove
    • CNS Peacebringer
    • CNS Caslet
    • CNS Foraker
  • 296th Destroyer Squadron (High Captain Haixiang Zheng-Bolivar)
    • CNS Fang
    • CNS Claw
    • CNS Talon
    • CNS Barb
    • CNS Quill
    • CNS Incisor
    • CNS Cannon
    • CNS Arquebus

Kantai Hatanaka

Commander: Marquis Hatanaka Kaede

  • Assault Group One (Admiral Sutezawa Shouji)
    • First Battle Division
      • Battleship Shogun (ex THU Wakayama)
      • Battleship Daimyo (ex-THU Shiga)
      • Battleship Samurai (ex-THU Mie)
      • Battleship Kuge (ex-THU Hyougo)
    • First Cruiser Squadron (Commodore Piter Welch)
      • Heavy Cruiser Plunderin' Petey
      • Heavy Cruiser Poison Blade
      • Heavy Cruiser Venom
      • Heavy Cruiser Pillager
      • Heavy Cruiser Immolator
      • Heavy Cruiser Jolly Roger
    • Second Cruiser Squadron (Commodore Janice Filoni)
      • Light Cruiser Skullcrusher
      • Light Cruiser Firebrand
      • Light Cruiser Hell Ari
      • Light Cruiser Throatcutter
      • Light Cruiser Lightning
      • Light Cruiser Flash
    • First Frigate Squadron (Line Captain Grzegorz Simonetti)
      • Frigate Dash
      • Frigate Bolter
      • Frigate Island Breeze
  • Assault Group Two (Leader Michael van Jervalis)

Course of Battle



Commodore Higashiyama was feted on her homeworld. The Commonwealth's assistance to the battered Imperial Showa Navy and rescue of the commodore engendered massive popular support among the Yokosukan populace. Within three months, the system had formally joined the Commonwealth.

"THU" is short for "Ten'nouheika no uchuusen" (天皇陛下の宇宙船), Japanese for "His Imperial Majesty's Spacecraft"